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AL-BAIK.COM is not a part of and no where associated with ELBAIK Food Systems Company S.A. All the cuisines prepared at AL-BAIK.COM restaurants are unique and completely different from those offered by ELBAIK Food Systems Company S.A.

About Al-Baaik Incorporation

Welcome to the heart of Al-Baik.Com, where our team thrives on collaboration, creativity, and passion for excellence. At the helm of our ship is our esteemed President Mr. Syed Bilal, whose visionaryership guides us towards our goals with unwavering determination. Assisting the president in shaping our strategic direction is our Vice President Mr. Shehbaz Hoddadi, whose innovative ideas and strategic insights drive our company's growth. Managing the intricate details of our daily operations is our dedicated Managing director Muhammd Ozair Khan, who ensures that every aspect of our work runs seamlessly. Together, our team embodies a culture of excellence, teamwork, and dedication, working tirelessly to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results for our clients and stakeholders.

Syed Bilal


Shehbaz Hoddadi

Vice President

Muhammd Ozair Khan

Managing director

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Want to be a part of the AL-BAIK.COM family? Become a link in our exciting chain of craft chicken by franchising with us! Discover the thriving taste of the middle east and build up strong relationships, reinforced by customer loyalty for India largest growing fast food chain and its long established identity of offering steadfast quality and service.

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